Let’s be frank about tutoring.

You don’t want to be paying for this service and committing to this time expenditure indefinitely, do you?

I thought not.

My goal is to work my way out of a job by giving your son or daughter the boost s/he needs to start thriving academically … then be on my way.

I will listen to you as you tell me what you think your student’s challenges are and what she needs to work on. I’ll ask your student the same thing. If you like, I will talk to your child’s teacher to see what he thinks the priorities are. Then I will create an individualized assessment, have your student complete it, and use the results to create a program just for her.


The standard time block is 40-75 minutes, depending on the age and attention span of your learner. I will work with your family’s schedule and budget. My preferred payment method is PayPal; I also take Venmo, Zelle, or personal check. You can pay in advance of or after tutoring sessions. Pay as you go, or for multiple sessions at once — whatever is convenient for you.

Initial consult – over phone, video chat, or in person 15 minutes to 1 hour no charge
Preparation of initial assessment 1 – 2 hours no charge
Preparation for first few tutoring sessions 1 – 2 hours no charge
Preparation for/follow-up to successive tutoring sessions 10-25 minutes per session no charge
Tutoring session 1 hour $80
Homework help 1 hour $80
Check-in with parent/guardian/teacher 10-20 minutes no charge