A young person who could benefit from tutoring isn’t always the most eager pupil. A tutor must be a master of persuasion. Young kids want to know what’s in it for them—maybe a game that makes the learning fun and the time pass quickly … a sticker chart with an awaiting prize once it’s filled … the chance to tell a quick personal story after a certain number of minutes of focused work. Having worked in various teaching and tutoring settings, I’ve filled up my bag of tricks. Like the learning program, the incentive program will be tailored to your child’s interests and sources of motivation.

Older students might not go in for games and prizes. But most want to know the plan, i.e., what tasks they’ll be doing over the course of the session, what those tasks will entail, and how much time they’ll be spending on each task. Transparency can be key to a good tutor/tutee relationship and resultant progress – so I spell it all out at the outset.