I invite you to read more about my offerings:

I pull activities from myriad sources, including an extensive library of tried-and-true teaching guides from my decades of working with students. Some of my go-to books are:

  • Family Math –Stenmark/Thompson/Cossey
  • Games for Math, Games for Reading, Games for Writing – Peggy Kaye
  • Nimble with Numbers – Childs/Choate/Kenkins
  • Mega-Fun Math Games – Schiro/Walker
  • Writing to Persuade/Explain/Inform – Kathleen Rogers
  • Literacy Through Literature – Johnson/Louis
  • Mad Libs – Price/Stern

I also grab ideas from educational support websites and videos, homeschooling moms’ blogs, pamphlets that come with manipulatives such as fraction tiles and blank dice, materials I and colleagues generated during my eighteen years of teaching … whatever engages students and gets the job done!